Moneyfacts in the news - 26.10.15

Monday, 26 October 2015

Moneyfacts’ research and expert comments are always in demand, and in the last seven days, we’ve certainly got around. Here’s a quick overview of where we’ve been in the past week:
Cash for kids: Take your first steps into saving for your children
Coventry BS launches top-paying 2.35% Poppy savings bond
Take a leaf out of our autumn savings guide: Find the right account if you’re a bee (too busy) or a dipper (spender)
Virgin Money muscles its way to the front of the pack with a reduced 2.69% fee on its 37-month balance transfer credit card
Revealed: Scotland's top fund manager is Standard Life's Thomas Moore
I was scared of shares but I’ve just had to get over it
The only way is ethics for investors with a conscience
Q&A: The current account market shake-up
FCA turns its guns on mortgage market competition
Pensioners 'are now earning more than those still in work': Two in five people retiring today will be better off
Banks' let-off on hidden fees: Watchdog rejects calls to break up High Street giants despite report finding families with overdrafts lose £260 a year
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