5 things about student loans you may not know

Tuesday, 26 July 2016
Students can’t live solely on maintenance loans The average student spends around £745 per month but the average maintenance loan is £480 (the Government Student Loans, known as the Student Loans Company, provides two types of loans: a tuition fee loan and a maintenance loan, the latter to cover living expenses). And it’s not all just spent on socialising, three quarters of the £745 budget is spent on basic amenities like rent, food and travel.
Parents in student debt
Parents are the second highest lenders with 71% of students getting a ‘lend’ of cash for college. This is often in conjunction with a Government Student loan. Most parents are happy to help where they can, but some households are paying up to £650 per month!
There is a new solution
An alternate solution for parents is to act as a guarantor on their child’s loan. Guarantors will sign a loan agreement on behalf of the student. Some parents feel this is a great way to support their child’s education without putting financial strain on themselves and the household.
Students are resorting to payday loan companies
There was a small, but significant, uptake of payday loans amongst students. These loans require applicants to repay their debt on receipt of their next paycheque at a very high rate of interest. The number of students resorting to these types of loans increased from 1%-3% in 2015.

Money troubles
A recent survey made in conjunction with the NUS, captured the financial atmosphere of the student populace with 30% of students saying they worry about money “all the time”. Some students have resorted to medical trials, gambling and busking to help pay for life in university.
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