Moneyfacts in the News - 11/10/2016

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Moneyfacts' research and expert comments are always in demand, and in the last seven days, we've certainly got around.

Here's a quick overview of where we've been in the past week:

Rock-bottom savings rates boost offset mortgage appeal
Offset mortgage rates fall to 2.30%
How to earn a risk-free 11% return on your money
Cover feature: Assessing the variables
Equity release lending hits a 10-year high
Where next for low interest rates? Children’s savings take a hit
Lenders must keep supporting first-time buyers
Realising your home’s potential with equity release
Defined benefit pension transfer values shoot up 40%
Switching off the life support: As Help to Buy draws to a close, we reveal where and how you can still get a 95% mortgage

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