Moneyfacts in the News - 18/10/2016

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Moneyfacts' research and expert comments are always in demand, and in the last seven days, we've certainly got around.

Here's a quick overview of where we've been in the past week:

How best to unleash value in YOUR home
Equity release can free up some property wealth, but it won't be right for everyone
Borrowers beware as lenders' extras add up
Kids' savings rates slashed
'Poor reward' for pocket money savers
Child savings accounts slash interest rates
Children's savings accounts hit by 'extreme' rate cull
Mortgage cost hike as interest rates are cut: Millions of homeowners see no benefit from the Bank's decision
Lenders hike mortgage costs despite Bank of England cutting interest rates
A quarter of lenders failed to pass on base rate cut on SVRs
Childcare costs 'hit mortgage applicants'
Plummeting interest rates stop savers shopping around
Hanley Economic voted best mortgage provider for first time buyers
Two-year tracker rates up 0.07%
Parents concerned about saving for children's future
Interest rates expected to remain at a record low of 0.25%
Currency, pensions, fuel and housing
Child savings accounts slash interest rates
A quarter of lenders have not cut SVR
Tracker rates hiked despite record low Base Rate

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