Moneyfacts in the News - 31/10/16

Monday, 31 October 2016

Moneyfacts' research and expert comments are always in demand, and in the last seven days, we've certainly got around.

Here's a quick overview of where we've been in the past week:

Premium Bonds look good at 60 as fizz goes out of savings market
Landlords boosted by record low BTL mortgage rates
Overpaying your mortgage makes sense, say lenders
Yorkshire launches 0.98% two-year discount
The current market for equity release
Is it time to ditch your 'pointless' reward card?
TSB, Halifax and more are slashing interest rates on current accounts - what you can do about it
Rates slashed on 'final solution' savings products
The overdrafts worse than payday loans that trap people in a debt spiral - and how to beat them
Fixed bond bloodbath: Savers locking up their cash for five years get a worse rate than the top one-year deal on offer just 10 months ago
Savers hit yet again as even five-year fixes fail to pass muster
The big Christmas mortgage sale

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