With so many funding options available, how do you choose? Guest Blog by Laura Beatrix Green

Monday, 17 October 2016
With everything from 'peer-to-peer' lending to 'crowdfunding' available as alternative finance sources today, which one should you choose?

Firstly, you should begin by understanding how different types of alternative finance can help your business.

The alternative finance sector has flourished in recent years and continues to evolve at a significant pace. Although this sector has experienced rapid growth, the main challenge that remains is the lack of awareness amongst businesses of the new finance options now open to them. That’s why companies like MarketInvoice hope to reach out to more businesses so they are aware of all the finance options available to them.

It is somewhat ironic, that while much talk and time is spent assessing the funding gap that exists in the SME Market, at the same time, there have never been more credible sources of finance available to businesses in this country. Business owners, CFOs and decision-makers simply do not know enough about them.

However, rather than letting it hold them back, this lack of knowledge can actually be an opportunity for business owners to explore new sources of finance available to them. Furthermore, with new alternative products emerging on a monthly basis, business owners need knowledge of what can otherwise be an overwhelming funding marketplace – both in terms of choice and in understanding the specific details of each product.

Business owners also need to understand that their bank is no longer their only credible source of funding. Although the vast majority of SMEs still instinctively turn to their banks, they should be aware that there are other places where they can get helpful advice.

At MarketInvoice, we aim to help businesses grow and find the finance that suits them best, which is why we’ve created a guide which aims to equip business leaders with a broad understanding of the different forms of alternative funding that now exist. It is a practical document that lists the types of funds available for everything from working capital to cash flow support; helpful for companies who want flexible financing available for growth or capital investment.

For each type of finance this guide includes an explanation of: the speed of finance, how it works, finance terms, how much it costs, and more...

Download the content to see:
• An introduction to the alternative finance sector
• Infographics featuring Nesta data
• Bite-sized guides to types of alternative finance, including peer-to-peer and crowdfunding

Or, if you already know enough about financing options to know that invoice financing is the route you’d like to choose, you can apply now through MarketInvoice. It takes 15 minutes to apply (or less, if you’re already using an online accounting platform) and once you’ve been accepted you can access the funds locked up in your invoices within 24 hours.

About the author
Laura Beatrix Green manages content and creative projects at MarketInvoice, the London-based fintech company that helps businesses grow by unlocking money in their unpaid invoices. She's a lover of design and content, and works creatively to help craft beautiful messages that engage small and medium-sized businesses with finance topics in a fun, friendly way.