Moneyfacts in the News - 19/12/2016

Monday, 19 December 2016

Moneyfacts' research and expert comments are always in demand, and in the last seven days, we've certainly got around.

Here's a quick overview of where we've been in the past week:
Publication Article
Say goodbye to the bumper rates on current accounts
‘Seismic shift in pricing’ ahead as lenders ramp up fixed rates
Inflation rise to have devastating effect on savings
Savings accounts paying over 1% halve in 2016
Now only one in six savings accounts beats the inflation rate: Figures mean thousands are losing money as the cost of living rises
Not getting enough out of your savings? 8 bank accounts for the best rates on your cash
Britain buoyed by Brexit bounce: EU exit not to blame for financial woes
Bank branches, unemployment, mortgages and savings
These 3 stocks could give you 7% income next year
Banks hike the cost of fixed-rate mortgages as experts warn it's the ‘end of an era’ for cheap home loans
The great gift voucher swizz that means millions of them are worthless
How to beat the savings interest drought with an offset mortgage: New five-year fix at 2.7% for small deposit borrowers
Basildon and Slough: Meet the UK's newest housing hotspotsl
Is your money safe with a bank you've never heard of? We take a look at the lesser known banks doubling interest on savings